Artisan Profile: Cecelia Bautista Caballero, Indigo Feather Rebozo Weaver

Cecelia Bautista Caballer
Born in 1939, Cecilia Bautista Caballero is a proud descendant of the indigenous Purépecha people from Ahuiran, Michoacán, a village on the Tarascan plateau near Uruapan.
For generations the women of this community have woven the classic indigo rebozos with black and light blue pin-stripes that women wear in various communities. She learned the art of back-strap loom weaving (“patakua” in Purépecha) as well as dyeing from her mother, beginning her apprenticeship at age eight. The Purépecha tradition dominates all the facets of the process, including the knotted shawls that have rayon silk added on and which demonstrate the various designs used as ceremonial shawls in Ahuiran and neighboring Tarecuato.
The photo adjacent is a cotton and rayon-silk fringed rebozo. The photo is from the from Banamex “Great Masters of Mexican Folk Art” and was provided by Los Amigos member Marta Turok. The photo to the right is a classic cotton Purépecha black/blue rebozo.
Cecilia is proud of the fact that she was the first weaver to experiment with placing real feathers on the fringes 22 years ago, an idea that came to her when she found out about feather work among the pre-Hispanic Purépecha (or Tarascans). Other innovations include combining cotton with rayon-silk stripes for the body of the rebozos.
She has won three “Special” awards, one at a National Contest in FONART and two  at Domingo de Ramos in Uruapan. She also placed First at the Day of the Dead competition in Pátzcuaro. Fomento Cultural Banamex honored her with a “Great Masters of Mexican Folk Art” distinction.
Cecilia’s five daughters also weave, and together with her son, work on fringes, including an innovation of placing glass beads in the knotted surface.
Cecelia was among the many artists participating in the 2016 Feria de los Maestros in Ajijic November 15-16, attended by many Los Amigos. Pictured to the right is a photo of member Karen Waddell with Cecilia–wearing a just-purchased Cecilia rebozo. It is truly a work of art!
Contact information:
Please contact the artist directly if you wish to purchase her art.
Miguel Hidalgo #212
Ahuiran, Michoacán
452 521 9019
Photo credits for this article: Cecilia: Stephanie Schneiderman; Shawls: Feria de los Maestros website;Karen Waddell and Cecilia:John Waddell, all by permission.
Content from Feria de los Maestros website adapted by permission. You can learn more about
this program supported by Los Amigos at
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