Artisan Profile: Magdiel Garcia Hernandez – Glass Engraver

Magdiel García Hernández was born in and lives in Mexico City. He studied to be a dental surgeon, but found his true calling in engraving glass (grabado) and other materials, an art form in which he is self-taught.

His specialty, and what he regards as the distinctive mark of his work, is the recovery of old, typically Mexican designs and shapes that he finds by examining old objects, scrutinizing photographs in books, and by visiting buildings and places of historical importance. He uses these motifs as his inspiration in crafting his work.

Magdiel uses abrading tools, burins, grinding implements, and a small turbo motor (Dremel) with carbide burrs and diamond points. For certain special finishes, Magdiel creates his own tools and saws. Diamond-point engraving requires keen skill and sensitivity and Magdiel masterfully dominates his craft. First, he draws the image on the glass with a tool resembling a pencil that has a diamond point and that he also uses to abrade the material by applying delicate pressure and forming fine grooves on the outlines.

Magdiel is featured in the landmark book “Great Masters of Latin American Art”. He has consistently won prizes for his work and in 2006 he won the Premio Grandes Obras Maestros del Arte Popular in the “leyendas vivientes” – mayor pieza de rescate de diseño tradicional. (Grand Prize for Living Legends – a major piece of rescued traditional design).

Contact information:
Lote 12 Mz 26 Av. del Rosal
Col. Los Angeles,
Iztapalapa, Mexico, DF
555 612 3202 home
551 536 1666 cellphone
Reprinted with permission from Feria Maestros del Arte.
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