Current Year Board Members

98% of all income is spent on our mission to support artisanal efforts. Only by continued support of our members and unwavering dedication by a volunteer Board of Directors is it possible to keep overhead this low. If you have a skill that you think will augment the Boards’ efforts, please volunteer your services. We are 501c3 not for profit EIN 2000221519. Donations are gratefully appreciated. The email addresses below are not active links in order to prevent spam – you must type them into your address field.


Board Members 2017 Function Email
Bill Roe President
John Waddell Vice President
Gayla Pierce Secretary
Robin Grensted Treasurer
Kathi Prado Membership
Bill Owens Bylaws
Cathey Merrill Feria de Maestros
Jo Ann Ward Grants & Awards
David Garcia Trips
MaconMcCrossen Book Reviews
Adda Quinn Web Site
Trinie Garcia-Valdez Newsletter
Alma Pirazzini
Mariann Schick
Dan McCauley


Bill Laney Honorary Director for life (non voting)

Past Presidents
Dan McCauley (AZ)
Cathey Merrill (TX)
Tom Pirazzini (CA)

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