Have you been thinking about joining a Los Amigos trip to Mexico or in the U.S.?  Below is the 2014-15 Amigos travel schedule.  We hope you’ll join a trip.  It’s a great way to meet members and to travel comfortably and safely in the U.S. and in Mexico. Trip arrangements are shared by co-coordinators to make planning easier and more efficient. Ideas for 2016 trips, and potential coordinators, can be sent to any member of the Los Amigos board.




Aug 7 – 10, 2014 Albuquerque, New Mexico Macon McCrossen and Bill Roe.  Details of this trip will be announced in next newsletter.
Oct 25 – Nov 4, 2014 Oaxaca:  Day of the Dead David and Barbara Garcia
Nov 12 16, 2014 Ajijic: La Feria de los Maestros Cathey Merrill
Spring 2015 San Miguel de Allende Macon McCrosson, Mayer Shachter and Susan Page
Fall 2015 Balboa Park Centennial Exhibition, San Diego, California Gayla Pierce
Nov 10 12, 2017 Ajijic: La Feria de los Maestros Cathey Merrill



Enjoying the wonderful artisans at the Santa Fe International Folk Art Market in July was a special treat for participating Amigos. Amigos met and visited with Mexican artists and friends and viewed many Latin American artisans, including Cuban artists, as they admired and purchased works many of their favorite artisans.

We are so grateful to coordinators Macon McCrossen and Bonnie Hardwick for their planning of unique activities that all participants enjoyed. What a treat to visit the homes and studios of New Mexico’s foremost Santeros Charlie Carrillo and Arlene Cisneros Sena, where Amigos were shown the process, starting with the wood selection and curing, to making plant- and mineral-based paints, and the multiple processes used to create their highly skilled and valued art.

Another highlight was the reception at Bonnie Hardwick’s historical adobe home where several more Amigos, residents of Santa Fe, came to celebrate our visit and join our celebration of Dr. Barbara Mauldin, Curator at the International Folk Art museum in Santa Fe, and her selection as the 2012 recipient of the Van Deren Coke Award.

LOS AMIGOS awarded Barbara with the distinguished Van Deren Coke Award for her recognized research, curatorial exhibits and many publications to promote and share folk art from all Latin America. As a long time member of LOS AMIGOS and a collector of Mexican folk art, Dr. Mauldin praised Los Amigos del Arte Popular for our work in educating and promoting the arts of Latin America.   The stipend of the Award allowed LOS AMIGOS to support the International Folk Market in honor of Dr. Barbara Mauldin.

Another highlight of the weekend was Dr. Mauldin’s personalized tour of her most recently-curated exhibit of Art in the Andes exhibit that opened recently at the museum. Seven AMIGOS loaned or donated some of their treasures to the exhibit. The exhibit was outstanding and Barbara’s guided tour offered wonderful insight and depth to the tour experience.

New Mexico has so many inspiring exhibits, shows and markets every summer weekend. LOS AMIGOS members have attended or shown at the Ethnographic Show, Spanish Market, Southwest Show and many of the flea markets.   In addition, the historical city is so charming and unique with museums, book stores, antique shops and sumptuous foods all of which make it a favorite site to visit for Amigos. The Albuquerque Hispanic Cultural Center had an exhibit on display of Van Deren Coke’s folk art collection which many Amigos were able to enjoy. Many of us saw parts of this collection shortly after it was received during a Los Amigos visit of the Cultural Center during our Albuquerque Rendezvous in 2008.

Thanks to Bill Roe who has volunteered to manage our photo albums on line, photos of the trip are now posted and can be seen by visiting our website or simply click…




* LACMA and UCLA co-sponsored a major international three-day symposium (December 2–4, 2011) in conjunction with the special exhibition Contested Visions in the Spanish Colonial World on view November 6, 2011 through January 29, 2012.  Participants included scholars from Mexico, Peru, Europe, and the United States.  Los Amigos del Arte Popular was one of the financial sponsors and made their annual presentation of the Van Deren Coke Achievement Award on December 4 to Ilona Katzew during the symposium. Ilona is the Curator of Latin American Art at LACMA and of this exhibition.



* 10th Annual Feria Maestros – November 18-20, 2011

Lake Chapala, Mexico – 36 members traveled to beautiful Lake Chapala, Mexico for the 10th Annual Feria MaestrosNovember 18-20.  Los Amigos has been a financial sponsor of the Feria for the last five years.  Our contribution is used to print detailed handouts for each of the artisans explaining their work and contact information in both English and Spanish.  In this way, the artisans who speak no English can communicate to their English only speaking customers the significance of their work.  Additionally, our contribution pays for the brochures that promote the Feria and all printed materials include contact information for Los Amigos del Arte Popular.  This three day event is the only one of its kind in Mexico and beyond where 100% of all sales go directly to the artisans and the cost of room, board and transportation is furnished to each artisan.  In these years when tourism is down drastically in Mexico, these invited artisans rely heavily on sales at this show.  Come annually and help support them!

Amigos registered to participate had these extra options from which to choose:

THURSDAY we bused to Tequila for a fun day trip to see the country side, tour the agave plantation and distillery, tequila testing and lunch together.

FRIDAY (shop all day at the Feria Maestros) then afterwards we had dinner with the artisans to celebrate the first day of the show

A – we arranged for a special opening at Barbara’s Bazaar to be the first to see the Mexican folk art collection of a woman from San Miguel de Allende who recently passed away.  The collection included about 75 Mexican masks as well as some really interesting pieces of pottery and mostly Michoacan folk art she bought directly from the artists over the last 25 years.  This was the first time the collection has been offered for sale and our group bought lots.

B – shop the day at the Feria Maestros

C – 6:30 we met together in the home of a member overlooking the lake for drinks at sundown and then went into the village for dinner together and a birthday celebration for one of our members.

SUNDAY we bused from La Nueva Posada Hotel leaving at 9:30 to go into Guadalajara for the weekly antique flea market and then on into Tlaquepaque for lunch and shopping together.



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