Monumentos Del Arte Mexicano Antiguo: Ornamentacion, Mytologia, Tributos y Monumentos

Written by Chuck Plosky
Art Professor, New Jersey City University Continue reading

Los Amigos Guide to Puebla

by Tom Pirazzini

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Mayo Weavings of Northwest Mexico

By William Laney

Modern Mayos, perhaps 60,000 of them, live in more than twenty scattered settlements lying dispersed along the lower reaches of the Rio Mayo in Sonora and the lower Rio Fuerte in the state of Sinaloa. A few also live near Alamos, Sonora. Continue reading

An Interview of Jorge Wilmot

by Lenore Hoag-Mulryan and transcribed by Cathey Merrill

February 2007 – Tuesday morning at 10:00 at Jorge Wilmot’s apartment with Jorge and Angel Santos: Question to both – is there a renaissance going on – Answer – No – it is maintaining the same level. Continue reading

Los Amigos Guide to Mexico City

By Tom Pirazzini

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The Art of the Nacimiento

By Terry Gay Puckett

In Mexico during Christmas season, the nacimiento — the nativity scene representing the birth of Christ — is the center of the Mexican home. More important than the Christmas tree, many of these nacimientos are not only complex, but captivating as well. Continue reading

The Jewelry of Oaxaca

by Carmen Armstrong

Since pre-Hispanic times, the region of Oaxaca in southern Mexico has been known for jewelry production. The area had an abundance of gold deposits that were easily accessible to the indigenous people of this area. Continue reading

The Anima Sola in Mexican Devotional Art

By Dan McCauley

Little information is available in Mexican literature about the Anima Sola — literally translated, the lonely soul — despite the fact that most students of Spanish Colonial art are familiar with the image of a soul or souls suffering in purgatory. Continue reading

The Convento of San Agustin Acolman: Its History and Art

By Dan McCauley

With the arrival in Mexico City of a group of Franciscan friars known as “The Twelve Apostles of Mexico,” or “the Twelve,” in 1524, the concerted effort by Mexico’s Spanish conquerors to convert New Spain’s indigenous peoples to Catholicism began in earnest. Continue reading

Ways to Deaccess Your Private Collection: Or How to Make Room for More

By Cathey Merrill

Often I am asked for suggestions on disposing of collected pieces. Perhaps the person asking really wants to know if I am interested in buying what they have, but it happens so often that I thought it might be helpful to write an article on the subject, in case the dilemma is widespread. Continue reading