Artisan Profile: Featured Folk Artist(s): Reclusorio Feminil

artisan profile dolls

Just outside of Guadalajara, Mexico, at Puente Grande, is a woman’s prison, Reclusorio Feminil, where close to 650 women reside. The Center for Prevention and Re-adaptation (CPRF) is located within a compound of four different prisons; three for men, and this fourth one for women. The women’s prison was built to hold approximately 250 people, so it is highly overcrowded.

The prison has women who are sentenced for all types of crimes from violent; to drug related; to white collar crimes such as fraud and money laundering. Women with mental health problems are here together with all kinds of other detainees as well as sentenced with Continue reading

Artisan Profile: Folk Artist(s) Cooperativa de Artesanos Indigenas de Sonora

cooperative baskets from seri

The Cooperativa de Artesanos Indígenas de Sonora, or CAIS, was recently established as the culmination of a project started by Lutisuc, a non profit organization, to support and expose the different crafts made by the indigenous groups of the State of Sonora, in north Central Mexico.
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Artisan Profile: Cecelia Bautista Caballero, Indigo Feather Rebozo Weaver

Cecelia Bautista Caballer

Born in 1939, Cecillia Bautista Caballero is a proud descendant of the indienous Purepecha people from Ahuiran, Michoacan, a village on the Tarascan plateau near Uruapan. For generations the women Continue reading