Los Amigos Del Arte Popular is a national, non-profit organization comprised of collectors and aficionados of Mexican folk art. Practiced by Mexico’s indigenous people, and melding both originally Mexican and Spanish colonial art, Mexican folk art has a rich tradition which we invite you to explore here. Our website showcases the popular art of Mexico including danced masks, lacquer ware, clay pottery, paper mache and more.  You will also find Pre-Colombian art and Spanish Colonial art as well as art inside the small museums of Mexico.

Artisan Profile: Hilario Alejos Madrigal, Mexico’s Renown Pineapple Potter

hilario alejos madrigal

Mexico’s folk art is often exemplified by its beautiful and unique types of pottery. In the state of Michoacán, a group of men extract large chunks of clay from local land, utilizing picks and shovels. The clay is then put into sacks and brought back to the village on the backs of burros or mules. Continue reading

Artisan Profile: Zenen (Zeny) Fuentes Mendez

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Zeny Fuentes is a Zapoteca Indian and fourth generation woodcarver from San Martin Tilcajete, Oaxaca, Mexico. He began carving and paining when he was seven years old, taught by his father, Epifanio Fuentes, considered by some to be the most famous carver in San Martin Tilcajete. Known for his angels and religious figures, Epifanio’s work is sold throughout Mexico and the U.S. Continue reading

Artisan Profile: Florentina Lopez de Jesus

florentina lopez

Florentina López de Jesús, known by many as “Tina,” was a master weaver from the Amusgo Indian community of Xochistlahuaca in Guerrero. I met her in the mid 1970s through the group of textile enthusiasts Teresa Pomar, Ruth D. Lechuga and Lucina Cárdenas, when they founded Fonart. Continue reading