Los Amigos Del Arte Popular is a national, non-profit organization comprised of collectors and aficionados of Mexican folk art. Practiced by Mexico’s indigenous people, and melding both originally Mexican and Spanish colonial art, Mexican folk art has a rich tradition which we invite you to explore here. Our website showcases the popular art of Mexico including danced masks, lacquer ware, clay pottery, paper mache and more.  You will also find Pre-Colombian art and Spanish Colonial art as well as art inside the small museums of Mexico.

Artisan Profile: Alberto Sanchez Moreno

Alberto Sanchez Moreno

“I don’t need to win,” Alberto Sánchez Moreno says, “to value the competition.” In fact, Honorable Mentions in Textiles, which Alberto has received in all four Friends of Oaxacan Folk Art young artist competitions – 2008, 2011, 2013 and 2016 — have greatly enhanced his confidence and career. “The opportunity to share my art with people, observe their reactions and hear their praise goes a long way.” Continue reading

Artisan Profile: Featured Folk Artist(s): Grupo Ben Tsam, Chiapas

featured folk artists

Simona Gomez Lopez was raised and taught her art by her famous aunt, the late Dona Juliana. Dona Juliana was the well-know creator of the famous Paloma (dove) of Amatenango del Valle and was the first woman who successfully departed from the traditional vessels made in that pueblo.

Dona Juliana passed away in 2015 at the age of 82, leaving her daughter and niece, Simona, to continue her tradition. Dona Juliana was honored with Continue reading

Artisan Profile: Featured Folk Artist(s): Reclusorio Feminil

artisan profile dolls

Just outside of Guadalajara, Mexico, at Puente Grande, is a woman’s prison, Reclusorio Feminil, where close to 650 women reside. The Center for Prevention and Re-adaptation (CPRF) is located within a compound of four different prisons; three for men, and this fourth one for women. The women’s prison was built to hold approximately 250 people, so it is highly overcrowded.

The prison has women who are sentenced for all types of crimes from violent; to drug related; to white collar crimes such as fraud and money laundering. Women with mental health problems are here together with all kinds of other detainees as well as sentenced with Continue reading