Los Amigos del Arte Popular (LADAP) is an international, not-for-proit organization comprised of collectors, dealers and afcionados of the folk arts of Mexico. The skills needed to assure continuation of these arts are in danger of disappearing unless something can be done to assure that artisans have markets for their creations and training for people to replace the old maestros. LADAP was started for two primary reasons: to help support the continuing existence of the folk arts of Mexico, and to promote these arts by fostering an appreciative audience interested in buying these exciting creations.

•       LADAP raises funds from membership dues and from fees on custom travel where members can learn about and
collect folk art. These trips explore the diverse foods, culture and arts of Mexico, and highlight artisanal expositions in the United States. We invite you to become a member of LADAP. Travel with us to see museums, private art collections in homes and estates, and works being created in artists’ studios and villages.

•       LADAP also identifies the artisanal needs of groups and organizations and then provides these organizations,
assisting the artists, with grants to help address these needs. We also give awards to individuals and institutions involved with promoting and preserving Mexican folk arts.

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Women in colorful dresses

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Featured Folk Art

The plan is to change this area monthly. It will have an artist profle, a discussion of weaving or clay techniques or some other item of interest. Cathey points out that a changing feature on the home page will help drive traffic to our site.


Attention Dealers of Mexican Folk Art

Members who are dealers are gladly linked to our site upon request and highlighted in our newsletter upon submission of an article. The “Links” tab above will take you to a list of the retail websites of our members.

Los Amigos del Arte Popular, (EIN 2000221519), 2524 Corona Drive, Davis, CA 95616
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