Los Amigos Del Arte Popular is a national, non-profit organization comprised of collectors and aficionados of Mexican folk art. Practiced by Mexico’s indigenous people, and melding both originally Mexican and Spanish colonial art, Mexican folk art has a rich tradition which we invite you to explore here. Our website showcases the popular art of Mexico including danced masks, lacquer ware, clay pottery, paper mache and more.  You will also find Pre-Colombian art and Spanish Colonial art as well as art inside the small museums of Mexico.

Artisan Profile: Paola Rosendo – Lacquerware Artisan

Paola Rosendo

Paola Rosendo was born in the village of Olinalá, in the northwestern part of the state of Guerrero, near Tlapa. Her village is the most important lacquer center in Mexico. This dusty town, with its white-washed adobe houses and unpaved narrow streets, is way off the beaten Continue reading

Artisan Profile: Porfirio Gutierrez, Tejedor de Tapetes

porfirio gutierrez

Porfirio Gutierrez, Rug Weaver, was taught by his father, Amado Gutierrez, to use the loom by the age of 12. He also learned the meanings of the ancient Zapotec symbols that are seen on 2000-year-old archeological sites and on stone fragments found in his village of Teotitian del Valle. His prodigious talent for design and weaving prompted his parents to enroll him in painting and drawing classes taught by painters, Virgilio Gomez and Carlomagno Pedro Martinez, both well-know Mexican artists. These maestros Continue reading

Artisan Profile – Adelina Pedro Martinez – Clay Artist

artisan adelina pedro martinez

In October, Los Amigos visited Oaxaca City and many of the surrounding villages to meet with local artisans and observe them at work. One of the artisans we met was clay artist, Adelina Pedro Martinez. Adelina is the daughter of Antonio and Glafira Martinez, and the sister of Carlomagno Pedro Martinez and Magdalena Pedro Martinez, all well-known barro artisans. Adelina is known for her intricate and Continue reading